When Alano Club of Kent County came to Kennari Consulting for annual fund coaching, donor software was high on their list of priorities. An Access database had been in place for many years storing member, donor, and other transactional donor-like data for the organization. Any type of data entry was a challenge. Mailing lists were a cumbersome task of sorting through hundreds of names and acknowledgement letters were done manually one-by-one.

After implementing a new donor database, Alano Club of Kent County quickly accesses their data through a new lens of grouping, reporting, and analysis. Staff thinks more strategically about who is receiving an appeal based on previous giving amounts and timeframes, rather than an all-or-nothing approach. Acknowledgment letters are now processed through the database, instead of manually. Year-by-year comparison reports of specific donor and member appeals are now possible with just a few clicks. Monthly statements of payment transactions for groups are now processed in a matter of minutes.

By making the commitment to “good data,” Alano Club of Kent County is already seeing the benefits of a strong donor management tool after one year.

“Since starting with DonorSnap, our entire team has become more efficient and productive. We would spend hours sifting through data and sorting mailing lists for each mailing and event. We are now able to pull reports with ease, which now allows us to do even more mission work for the community.”
~Kevin M. O’Neill-Boehm, former Executive Director

The Alano Club of Kent County serves those recovering from addiction and their families by providing a welcoming place to support meetings and fellowship.