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Many people think of fundraising as ‘asking for money.’ We help you connect donors to your mission so that they are invested in your success.

We provide a combination of consulting services to help you learn and grow, as well as direct services to augment your internal capacity.


"Kennari" is Icelandic for "teacher." You'll be successful working with us...not because we do the work for you, but because you will be empowered to do it yourself. We can teach your staff, board members, and volunteers to be proficient ambassadors who engage donors in your mission.


Annual fundraising is fundamental. Raising more money with your annual fund means you can impact more people and impact them more profoundly. Success here involves more than just building a bigger mailing list, or hosting just the right event. You’ll raise more money when you build quality relationships with donors who care about your mission. We partner with you to:

  • Assess your current fundraising practices
  • Implement efficient tools and processes to do the work
  • Create opportunities for new donors to learn about your mission
  • Cultivate your existing donors to higher levels of giving
  • Teach your board to engage in community outreach
  • Build quality relationships that transform donors into passionate advocates for your cause

You’ll be amazed by how much your organization can accomplish when you build closer, better donor relationships. Don’t just take our word for it…explore some examples of the results our clients have achieved in annual fundraising.


A campaign advances your mission in some specific way, often through a capital project or a comprehensive strategic growth effort. Too many organizations adopt a “If we build it, they will come” approach to campaigns. Your campaign will only succeed if the community understands and embraces the impact of your project. We can help you:

  • Create a case that clearly explains how your project will advance the mission
  • Test the donor community’s response to the project through a feasibility study
  • Work with you to determine the right next steps
  • Recruit and train the people needed to help your campaign get off the ground
  • Implement processes for identifying potential donors and making asks
  • Maintain enthusiasm for the project until you successfully reach your goal

A successful, well-executed campaign can propel your organization to the next level of sustainability and accomplishment. Explore some of the great campaign successes our clients have achieved.


Endowments can have a significant impact on your organization’s sustainability, because they provide a steady stream of revenue. Endowment income helps you fill operating fund gaps, and can also provide income to cover unplanned expenses. Twenty-five years ago, endowment was considered to be the hardest part of fundraising. That changed when the “greatest generation” started transferring their wealth in 1998. This transfer is expected to last until 2052. These donors care about preserving institutions and creating a legacy. Thus endowment building is a strategically significant part of today’s fundraising landscape. There are many ways to build your endowment fund, including campaigns, planned giving, and directed annual fund gifts. We can help you:

  • Identify an appropriate amount of endowment for your organization
  • Explore the options for financial stewardship of those funds (such as an investment committee, outside investment advisor, or community foundation)
  • Evaluate community support for an endowment campaign (see our Campaign Services above for more details)
  • Promote a planned giving program that allows donors to leave legacy gifts to your endowment fund (see Planned Giving Services below for more information)

An endowment fund can put your organization on a more secure footing for the future, and help smooth out revenue fluctuations. Find out what endowment building has done for some of our clients.


Direct Services

It’s hard for a nonprofit organization to have “bench strength.” You can count on us when you need extra capacity or specific knowledge in these essential areas.

Grants can be a significant source of revenue for your organization. However, they require a lot of work and specialized expertise, both on the front end as well as after the fact. We can help you:

  • Identify potential granting opportunities from state, federal and local funders
  • Create a calendar of granting cycles and deadlines, to ensure timely submission
  • Cultivate those funding sources as appropriate
  • Research and write your grant proposals
  • Create grant reports for funders

Your donor database is one of the most essential tools in your fundraising toolkit. When you have an accurate database and know how to mine it for information, you can make informed decisions about marketing to donors. We can help you:

  • Evaluate your current database software solution and practices
  • Convert (if necessary) to a new database system
  • Connect your database to online giving
  • Learn to enter donor information so that you can leverage it later
  • Run reports that help you mange donor relationships more effectively

Our consultants have extensive experience and are certified with Giftworks and Raiser’s Edge.   We can help you derive value and knowledge from your donor information, and use it to raise more money.


"Kennari Consulting is the key to sanity! In our first venture into event planning and getting started as a Foundation, they were critical to our ongoing success. Their staff is responsive, accessible and professional."

Rena Schwartz
Michigan Sports Academies Foundation

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