Board Development

With the right structure in place, your Board can thrive – advancing your mission and ensuring a sustainable future.

Board Development

The Board of Directors is the strongest asset your organization has to propel you toward meeting your mission. A healthy Board is made up of people who represent your community and constituents, as well as bring a wide variety of skill sets and networks that enable them to govern your organization effectively. Staff must ensure their Boards have the tools they need to succeed such as information (both financial and organizational), training, education opportunities, evaluation tools, and more. Your organization will advance most effectively when infrastructure is in place for a successful board/staff partnership.

We partner with you to:

  • Create and implement Board committee structure
  • Establish Board recruitment strategies
  • Install best practices for policy and governance
  • Train the Board on fundraising practices
  • Build effective and productive Board meetings
  • Develop the CEO/Board Chair partnership
  • Define Board roles and responsibilities

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Board Development Leadership 

Mary Sumners | Vice President

Boards exist to move your organization forward, and with the right tools and structure they are very effective. Learn about how we’ve helped boards take ownership of their composition and how revising your committee structure can make all the difference.


“It is challenging for a board to evaluate its own health and effectiveness. Kennari helped us create a deliberate board development process, and now it’s part of our regular agenda. It has been especially helpful with board recruitment and fundraising, but it has also strengthened our board by increasing member engagement with one another and our programs.”

Robert Barnes
Senior Neighbors