Project & Program Development and Business Planning

Careful planning is critical not only to fundraising success, but also to fulfilling your mission in a sustainable way.

Project & Program Development and Business Planning

Organizations must continually consider how their programming and capital resources are aligned to their mission and to the people they serve. As organizations consider new, expanded, or restructured programs, or new capital projects, it is critical that these projects/programs respond to defined community needs and are structured to best serve the target audience, who should have a voice in the development process. Finally, careful and thoughtful planning is required for these projects/programs to remain financially sustainable. The process for project and program development requires expertise in human-centered design, budgeting, research, and planning to be successful in regard to fundraising and implementation.

We partner with you to:

  • Conduct community research regarding the need for your project or program
  • Research best practices aligned with your proposed project or program to ensure it is best structured to meet community needs
  • Design a customized process to develop your project or program in alignment with community needs
  • Create sustainability plans for the project or program
  • Develop strategic partnerships required for planned initiatives
  • Draft requests for proposals (RFP) and facilitate the process to select outside expertise, including architects, exhibit designers, marketing services, evaluation, or other services
  • Develop multi-year business plans that demonstrate to your stakeholders and donors that your organization can sustain the  projects/programs proposed


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Project & Program Development/Business Planning Leadership

Josh Spencer | Vice President

Intentional project development leads to projects and programs that not only achieve your organizational objectives, but that funders will feel confident in supporting. Learn more about how we have helped develop strong projects that move our clients’ missions forward.


“With the support, leadership, and guidance from Kennari Consulting, we were able to launch the Grand Rapids Promise Zone in 2020. This was an incredible accomplishment that took a little over 2 years to fully materialize. Kennari assisted with every detail from board development, the facilitation of meetings, fundraising, policy development, research, and ultimately the draft of the development plan which was approved by the Treasury Department.

There is so much to appreciate about Kennari Consulting. One of the things we appreciated most though was Kennari’s passion for our shared vision. They were an equal partner at every step in the process and demonstrated their commitment to our organization and the Youth in the Grand Rapids Promise Zone.”

Evan Macklin

Grand Rapids Promise Zone Scholarship