Our Guiding Principles

At Kennari Consulting, our company culture embraces the vision, mission, and values that drive who we are.

While each member of the Kennari Consulting team brings a unique mix of expertise and knowledge, we are all guided by a core set of principles that drives our work. These values define the Kennari standards as we partner with nonprofits to resource the advancement of their missions.


Our vision is a future with strong communities supported by sustainable organizations, leading to generational change. Our company will model equitable practices to increase the voice and impact of those whom our clients serve. Our clients flourish because we partner and walk alongside them as they grow their efforts to fulfill their missions through sound business practices and inclusive, asset-based frameworks both in fundraising and program/project development. We are also a resource to the philanthropic community as partners in this work to create a more compassionate, healthier, and more just society.


Our mission is to change the face of philanthropy, moving nonprofits of all sizes to greater capacity and meaningful impact within the communities they serve.


Teaching is at the core of what we do at Kennari – it’s even in our name. Helping clients understand the ‘why’ of our process ensures their success is long-term. And to be good teachers, we are always learning too. Philanthropy must be responsive to a changing world – new generations of donors, shifting economic trends, and evolving technology.
Helping our clients achieve the results they need to advance their mission and serve their constituents is how we measure our success. Our holistic approach to consulting means we are always looking at the big picture, but decades of collective experience allows us to help clients prioritize for the greatest impact. Whether it is ensuring an event meets its goal, building the infrastructure for a successful capital campaign, or securing grant funds for a new program, our results-oriented process prioritizes equitable outcomes and long-term impacts.
Nothing meaningful can be built without trust. Our commitment to acting with honesty and transparency ensures we are always accountable – this extends to our clients, their constituents, and the community of donors that support them. We will never give advice that goes against that commitment and we will practice compassionate honesty with clients to ensure we can always stand behind our work.
We strive to ensure that each member of the Kennari team reflects the organizational ethos of capable expertise, and that we are always prepared and ready to lead. Our team is professional, responsive, and creative in meeting the needs of our clients. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our company’s reputation or a client’s bottom line – it’s a commitment to advancing the work of transforming communities for the betterment of all.
Diversity and Inclusion
We recognize that every individual possesses unique human experiences which shape their strengths, talents, and contributions within the workplace and within the community. We believe that these diverse skills and perspectives are essential to successfully supporting our clients through a comprehensive range of services. Therefore, we seek to engage diverse talent and intentionally promote an inclusive environment where every person’s strengths, skills, perspectives, and contributions are valued and utilized to design collaborative efforts between our staff and our clients.

Strong communities developed by sustainable organizations. If you would like to have an exploratory conversation to learn more, please contact us.

"Working with Kennari was one of the best moves that we made in our fundraising strategy. From their clear processes, relational engagement, and incredible expertise, it has been a joy to work with them. I would say that they are not just consultants, but we have become mutual partners –learning and strategizing together on how to create more community impact, while raising the funds to make it happen."

Justin Beene
Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation

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