Succession Lab

Ensure your nonprofit’s institutional knowledge stays with the organization and doesn’t live in the leader’s head!

Succession Lab

Many nonprofits do not have plans in place in the event there is a planned or unplanned transition in Executive Director/CEO. It can be difficult for existing leaders to carve out the time to put “pen to paper” and prepare the organization for possible transitions when they are busy with the everyday work of the position. This Lab provides the support, tools, and accountability you need to create an executive transition plan - through efficient, step-by-step courses.


  • Interactive workshop series, facilitated by Kennari Consulting, designed for 4-8 nonprofit Executive Directors/CEOs
  • 2 classroom sessions per month, over two months
  • Estimated 2-4 hours of homework time, in addition to classroom time
  • Attendance at all 4 classroom sessions is required
  • You will create a fully-developed emergency transition plan in the Lab, and have next steps identified to support longer-term succession planning
  • After completing the lab, you will have a personalized follow-up session with a Kennari consultant. This meeting may involve either the Executive Director/CEO or the Board Leadership
  • Cost = $1,250 per organization
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Classroom Sessions:

  1. Topic: Launchpad
  2. Topic: Prioritize & Organize
  3. Topic: Financial & Communication Planning
  4. Topic: Moving Forward

More information:

  • Succession Lab cohorts will be in person in Grand Rapids, MI.  If you’re interested in a virtual option, click here.
  • You will be invoiced once the Lab begins, allowing you to confirm the final classroom dates/times work before committing funds.
  • Classroom sessions are meant for the executive leader of the organization.
  • This will be productive whether or not you have a transition on your radar. Planned or unplanned, poorly executed transitions can directly and negatively impact your organization’s success and sustainability.
  • This is not a full-on succession planning activity – that work should be done in collaboration with the board. This lays the groundwork for those strategic discussions and will provide a pathway to establish that plan.
  • Interest in this lab and all discussions within it are confidential.

Questions can be directed to Becca Waite at

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