As Principal of Parrish Consulting, I have had the privilege and honor of growing from “me, myself, and I” to a dynamic team of four determined to move your mission forward, no matter what it takes. From annual fund capacity building to capital and endowment fundraising to web, donor software and social media consulting, we offer a fresh and grounded approach to not only meeting, but exceeding the goals and expectations of our local nonprofit partners.

Now, we understand, (particularly from our collective experience working in nonprofit organizations ourselves) that working on a non-profit budget means fundraising efforts need to be strategic, smart and forward thinking. The point is, we get it, and we’re here to help. We offer non-profits an edge toward mission achievement with both our practical expertise and our commitment to facilitating the kind of community and donor engagement that generates maximum impact. Where we’re moving: toward a win-win scenario for nonprofits and their generous supporters for the common good in our community. Sound inspiring? We think so, and we are witnessing this reality every day as we work with people who share this vision and are rolling up their sleeves to make it happen. Together we are doing great work, changing lives and transforming our community for the better.

The world of philanthropy is evolving rapidly, as is the world of technology. An important piece of ‘keeping up with the times’ is joining the conversation, and as we encourage our clients to get on the Blogging bandwagon as thought leaders, it is fitting that we practice what we preach.

We invite you to keep an eye on our blog for practical advice on relevant fundraising topics in the coming weeks and months, as we learn and grow with you. We look forward to making the most of this forum for thought sharing, brainstorming and more.