Sandi Frost Steensma


How Kennari values drive my work: While our focus on driving results may at times push our clients outside of their comfort zone, it is ultimately what helps them grow and be better prepared for the future. We will always walk alongside them through that work to offer guidance and resources to help them succeed.

As founder of Kennari Consulting, Sandi believes in raising expectations and building connections to create more successful fundraising in a changing landscape. She encourages dynamic cultivation of donors and pushes her clients to avoid treating any fundraising strategies as sacred cows, but rather focusing on what is most relevant to their donors. Sandi works with clients in all stages of the fundraising cycle to encourage proper cultivation and engagement of donors to successfully fund capital projects and ongoing operations.

Sandi received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado and a Master’s of Management Degree from Aquinas College. Sandi has more than 30 years of experience in fund development, with expertise in annual fundraising, organizational capacity building,  campaigns, and endowment growth. In the nonprofit sector, she served as Regional Director and as statewide Corporate Director of Development for Hospice of Michigan before becoming Executive Director of its Grand Rapids office. She spent 8 years working as a fund development consultant for regional consulting firm, Monaghan Associates, before forming Kennari Consulting in 2007. In addition to her private sector work, Sandi also spent 13 years in the public sector. While Sandi thrives in a fast-paced professional setting, in her downtime she prefers to slow down, enjoying the hiking trails of northern Michigan. Her favorite trail to explore is the North Country Trail through Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula.