Kennari Consulting works with organizations of all sizes, focus areas, and passions. Ottawa County Parks Foundation is no exception!

In 2015, a small group of Ottawa County, Michigan residents formed an all-volunteer committee with the intent to form a Parks Foundation. A year later, that dream became reality and the Ottawa County Parks Foundation (OCPF) was formed! OCPF reached out to Kennari Consulting to assist with its inaugural Strategic Plan. Over the summer of 2016, the Kennari Strategic Planning team worked with the Foundation to create the important first plan. After defining OCPF’s Value Proposition, Mission, and Vision, we defined important strategic priorities for a brand new foundation. This included alignment with the Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission, Board and Infrastructure Development, Visibility, Financial Sustainability, and support of land acquisition and development.

Over the past two years, OCPF successfully launched its fundraising programs, became ingrained in Ottawa County, created working committees under the Board, hosted a number of successful cultivation events, and hired its first full-time employee! Kennari Consulting is currently working with OCPF on a Strategic Plan refresh that will help carry the organization into the next phase of success.

Strategic Plans are important for multiple reasons, including organizational alignment, simplification of decision making, and consistent communication. For more information on how effective Strategic Planning can benefit your organization, please contact Steve Ozinga, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Planned Giving at or 616-340-8771.

“Kennari Consulting was hired to lead the newly established Parks Foundation Board through a strategic planning process in 2016. This was a critically important project because the organization was new and needed to determine its core beliefs. Steve Ozinga of Kennari led the Foundation Board through the process and did an outstanding job. Board members were fully engaged and excited to contribute. Most importantly, the resulting product is one that has provided the framework for Foundation’s activities over the past couple of years. The plan does a wonderful job of identifying the Parks Foundation’s basic mission and includes text with a timeless quality that is used regularly in Foundation documents. The Parks Foundation was more than satisfied with Steve Ozinga and Kennari’s work on the strategic plan and continues to rely upon them for assistance with strategic decision-making.”   ~John Scholtz, Director, Ottawa County Parks

To learn more about Ottawa County Parks Foundation, visit their website.