Michigan Nonprofit Association – Compensation and Benefit Report Summary and Analysis

The Michigan Nonprofit Association is a statewide membership organization committed to supporting nonprofits through resources, advocacy and training. The 2019 Compensation and Benefits report surveyed 311 organizations of all sizes across the state in order to help organizations meet the needs of their employees while still serving their communities.

Compensation Trends

Overall, compensation in Michigan nonprofits has increased over the last few years with the average pay raise for 2018 3%, up from 2.77% in 2016. This trend is true for most individual positions as well. The average CEO salary increased 30% from the 2010 report.

Salaries do vary on a number of factors: region, organization type, budget size, etc. In general, nonprofits in West Michigan pay slightly less than the state leading region: the Southeast. Furthermore, in West Michigan, salary ranges within individual positions are, on average, about $30,000.

Benefits Trends

In general, the number of organizations offering some sort of health coverage to employees has increased significantly over time with 57% organizations offering coverage in 2010 to 76% offering coverage in 2018.

When it comes to paid time off, the majority of organizations offer vacation, sick and personal days as a group of paid time off, to be used at the employee’s discretion. However, only 23% of organization limit the use of PTO days to that fiscal year, offering no carryover.

Paid maternity and paternity leave as also skyrocketed in the last few years. Today, 30% of nonprofits offer 11-16 weeks of maternity leave, tripling the data from 2017. Even more dramatically, the number of organizations offering paid paternity leave for the duration of 11-16 weeks has increased from 5% in 2016 to 25% today.

Kennari Analysis

In order to recruit and maintain top talent in your field, offering competitive compensation and benefits is vital to your organization’s success. The data supports a higher value being placed on the importance of comprehensive compensation packages, aside from just salary increases.

Working in the nonprofit space does not mean that you must compensate your employees poorly and by comparing yourself to other organizations, you can ensure that your organization is staying competitive in its field.

For more information about the Michigan Nonprofit Association and to purchase the complete MNA Compensation and Benefit report, please visit www.mnaonline.org.

Written by Elyse Bax, Kennari Intern