It’s time for your big project and you’re wondering whether you could go it alone. Maybe you could…. some organizations navigate the Capital Campaign waters on their own. But many agencies find themselves adrift part way through the process, or struggle to map the course realistically from the beginning.

The role of a fundraising consultant as regards to Capital Campaigns is similar to the rudder on a ship, or perhaps the cartographer who helps map out an important and complex journey. When setting sail on the campaign, it can be immensely helpful to have an expert on the outside who can help guide the process when the seas get rough, or the winds dry up for a bit.

When organizations identify the need for a capital project, it can feel overwhelming. Typically, the vision for a Capital Campaign emerges as growth exceeds physical capacity, need surpasses ability to provide services, or an exciting opportunity presents itself. All thoughts are on how to get to the vision manifested in full.  The many steps required to arrive at this goal can be confusing. Here is where a consultant can make life a whole lot easier.

Your consultant will help you create the campaign timeline, starting with an assessment of your organization’s readiness to undertake a capital project.  A feasibility study will determine the community’s receptivity and willingness to support the project, as well as identify potential challenges to raising the necessary funds. Once determination is made to proceed with the project, your consultant will assist you in securing your leadership and establishing a group of campaign volunteers so you can identify your list of best donor prospects. As the campaign progresses, a consultant will help train, guide and encourage the volunteers in making the major requests necessary to generate the biggest part of the campaign budget.

Your consultant will also help assess the timing of when to engage the community at large with mass mailings and events, so you can bring the ship into port with all the sails intact and people cheering on the shore.