As a nonprofit professional, are you aware of the many resources available to you online? FREE?? DO you need a best practice for your website posts? Want to learn how to pack a little more punch in your eNews? With a quick visit to our friend, Mr. Google, the plethora of information is basically endless. So, let’s narrow it down to a few topics to at least scratch the surface.

  1. LinkedIn – Find groups to join. The message boards can be a tremendous resource. There are many local groups (AFP Grand Rapids, Women in Development Grand Rapids) or larger nationwide groups like The Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP) or the Nonprofit Professionals Forum.
  2. Facebook – Find other similar organizations to yours. If you’re a health organization, find hospitals and other groups that offer similar care or serve a similar group of clients. Use them as additional resources for your own follower base. Follow nonprofit resources. NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network is great for all things tech related – eNews, social media, online giving, and more.  Network For GoodGiftWorksBlackbaud and Charity Dynamics (just to name a few) are also fantastic resources for information.  You can do the same on Twitter too! Follow, Follow, Follow!
  3.  Blogs – There’s certainly no shortage of information available out in the “blogosphere”. It can end up being a never ending loop of clicks once you read one article.  Here’s a link to get you started for the Top 12 NonProfit Blogs You Should be Reading. Try to stop at just one post!
  4.  Webinars & Classes – Once you’re tapped into just a few blogs or facebook follows, you’ll soon start to realize there are tons of free webinars available to you. A quick Google search will land you to They host short 1 hours sessions giving you information on topics such as Google Analytics for the Enthusiastic Beginner.  You might also find some local class sessions, like those offered through the Johnson Center for Philanthropy in Grand Rapids.

Do you have any resources that you use on a regular basis? Share them with us on our Facebook page!