The seventh annual 2016 Burk Donor Survey, studying American’s philanthropy and how fundraising practices affect non profit organizations, provided a few key take away points for Kennari Consulting.

In 2015, donors responded most often — 44% of the time — to direct mail.  Online giving, at 29%, was second.

Kennari take away:  Direct mail matters – make it a priority!

“Giving back” is the strongest motivator for volunteerism. The survey also found that most respondent volunteers were already donors.   

Kennari take away: Ask your donors to become volunteers and not just the other way around!

Compared to 2014, donors gave more in 2015 because:

  • Their personal financial situations were stable or improved.
  • A specific nonprofit(s) impressed them with their efforts.
  • They responded to a special request.
  • They joined a recurring giving program.

Kennari take away:  Promote monthly giving to your donors!

The number one way donors research nonprofits is by spending time on their websites.  They are influenced to give when they find information – evidence-based info – quickly.

Kennari take away:  Make sure your website clearly and effectively communicates your mission achievement!

Please contact us if you’d like more information regarding the Burk Donor Survey.