Our process.

Fundraising has become too dependent on the latest plea for gifts. Our emphasis is on mission and the quality of donor relationships.

<h2>KENNARI CONSULTING</h2></p><br /> <p class="addres-line">401 Hall Street SW, Suite 309<br /> Grand Rapids, MI 49503</p><br /> <p class="addres-line1">Telephone: (616) 425-5121<br /> Email: info@kennariconsulting.com
<h2>TESTIMONIALS</h2></p> <p><p class="testimonial_text">Kennari Consulting has been an invaluable guide and support in improving our fundraising. In our year with them, we have increased revenue by nearly 30 percent and put in place the infrastructure to continue to grow the income necessary to sustain and expand our vital programming. They have always been there when we called. They have improved our board, our donor software usage, and our special events. If you follow their advice and do the work, the reward will be far greater than the cost.</p></p> <p><p class="min_line">Rev. Andy DeBraber, Executive Director Heartside Ministry</p></p> <p><a class="red_link" href="/testimonials">More Testimonials</a>
<h3 class="fundraising_heading">Fundraising strategies that build your capacity, not just your mailing list.</h3></p> <p><div class="fundraising_text">Throughout our more than 100 combined years of fund development experience, our team has seen fundraising become too dependent on mailing lists, annual events, and direct mail campaigns. This approach emphasizes an organization’s latest plea for gifts, rather than their mission and quality of donor relationships. </p> <p>Our team takes a different approach. </p> <p>Kennari Consulting believes nonprofits (and the people who support them) should expect more from their fundraising efforts. That’s why we developed an “open system” of fundraising. This unique approach emphasizes four items:</div>

A strong roadmap goes beyond simple fundraising goals. It focuses on your mission and how you can grow to achieve it. Our roadmaps help you cultivate more sophisticated fund development strategies that attract donors who may already have a connection to your purpose. These donors may eventually support a successful major gifts program too.  


An innovative process reinvigorates the development director’s role and creates a unique and sustainable structure for your fundraising team. This structure is based on functions, not titles and/or positions, and provides your organization with alternative routes to fundraising success.


Energized people are well-equipped and excited about sharing their passion for an organization. Our team comes alongside staff members, board members, and committees to create a shared understanding of effective fund development, to clarify their roles, and to guide them in their work.


Smart tools are up-to-date and useful. Our team helps you strengthen your database, website, print materials, and other tools to ensure you’re able to communicate effectively, simplify administrative tasks, and capture more information about your donors.

<h3 class="fundraising_heading fundraising_heading1">How can we help you evolve your fundraising?</h3><br /> <div class="fundraising_text">It’s possible to embrace an “open system” of fundraising at every stage of your organization’s life cycle. Our team will work with you to understand your readiness for change and will guide you in shifting towards this unique approach. Our process includes three phases: </div >
Our team begins by evaluating your organization’s current and past fundraising efforts, including your staff, your software, and your fundraising sources. We also take a look at your organization’s board strength for philanthropy and infrastructure for philanthropy, as well as its philanthropic practice. A clear roadmap to success is presented at the end of this phase.

Our team uses our assessment to guide you in developing your new capacity and/or enhancing existing tools. This phase may include migration to a new donor database, advice on hiring appropriate staff members or other consultants, or support in developing tools to strengthen your infrastructure.

Our team will coach, train, and educate your staff and volunteers in methodologies, strategies, and tactics for successful fundraising. This is done through weekly check-ins (either in person or electronically) and will help keep your organization moving toward success.

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