North Country Trail Association

Database assessment, consulting and training

The mission of the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) is to develop, maintain, protect and promote the North Country National Scenic Trail as the premier hiking path across the northern tier of the United States through a trail-wide coalition of volunteers and partners. The NCTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with the National Park Service to unite individuals, affiliated trail groups, local chapters, corporate sponsors and others linked in the support of building and maintaining the North Country Trail and telling its story.

In the fall of 2019, the NCTA took on the task of migrating into Raiser’s Edge from an older home-grown database that had been customized over the years to work for the donor & membership tracking. By spring of 2020, they recognized many of the challenges with how the data migrated into Raiser’s Edge, training needs that were not realized at the time of the conversion, and reporting tasks that were taking far too long based on that messy data and lack of training.

Kennari conducted a thorough assessment of the data in Raiser’s Edge and developed a comprehensive list of cleanup activities needed to get the best use of their new database. This included a timely duplicate record cleanup project, extensive updates on how memberships are reported out to each of the NCTA’s 28 local chapters through New England and the Midwest, and general day-to-day training in Raiser’s Edge.

“The North Country Trail Association is the steward for the North Country National Scenic Trail. A Trail that is 4,800 long and crosses through eight states. Needless to say, our need for prompt and accurate data is paramount. When we decided to transition our CRM software there was only one way to ensure it was done right – make a call to Kenari Consulting! They have the expertise and experience that saves time and ultimately money, for an organization. They become a partner who honestly champions your mission and drives for success.” – Nancy Brozek, Director of Development and Communications, North Country Trail Association