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Kennari Consulting (Virtual) Round Table: Strong Giving in a Virtual Event

September 24 at 11:00am

Hosting a virtual event provides an opportunity to share your mission in a new way. In this month’s round table, we will cover key components in maximizing the funds raised through your virtual event. Depending on the type of event, makeup of your audience, and a few other factors, we’ll also help identify the critical decisions you need to make to pick the right type of virtual event.


Kennari Consulting (Virtual) Round Table: Making Your Website Donor-Centric

October 21 at 10:00am

Check back soon for more details!


Round tables are open to Kennari Consulting clients. Clients will receive an email invitation with event and registration details. If you have not received one, contact becca@kennariconsulting.com for more information. 
Questions on upcoming events? Reach out to info@kennariconsulting.com

"Kennari has changed our thinking, changed our systems and changed our culture. We continue to move forward with a stronger foundation of philanthropy because of Kennari. The team at Kennari walks with you during the implementation stages. You don’t feel alone!"

Lynne Scheible
Executive Director

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