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Kennari Consulting is one of the largest full-service fundraising consulting firms in Michigan. Sandi Frost Steensma started Kennari Consulting in 2007 because she realized that nonprofit organizations needed more customized, day-to-day, “nuts and bolts” fundraising support as well as campaign coaching. Today, the firm has 11 staff members and serves more than 100 nonprofit organizations with consulting and direct services each year.

The consulting team has been carefully chosen to fill emerging client needs as Kennari has grown. Each staff member brings a wealth of experience in the nonprofit sector, and a specialized area of knowledge. We leverage this experience base to our clients’ advantage by creating unique team combinations for each engagement.

Kennari Consulting has influenced hundreds of nonprofit organizations, helping them achieve greater levels of accomplishment. We focus in six pillar areas of nonprofit service: arts & culture, healthcare, education, social services, faith-based, and recreation and greenspace. We can demonstrate significant expertise, plentiful experience, and consistent success in these particular sectors of the nonprofit world. Fundraising is essential to nonprofit survival. Our team’s ability to influence organizations for good has helped them survive a challenging economy, and thrive in a good one.

Kennari Consulting is committed to the success of our clients and to the individuals who work in the fundraising profession. Each Kennari Consulting professional is invested in building the capacity of our clients and providing leadership to others in our industry. We are involved in the community and serve on multiple boards. We work tirelessly to raise the level of ethical and impactful fundraising practices. As seasoned fundraising professionals, we mentor young professionals in our industry to help them reach their highest level of achievement. It is critically important that each senior level professional take it upon him or her self to teach and train the next generation so that highly impactful organizations can be sustained well into the future. We are committed to this mission.

Kennari Consulting. People who teach. Systems that work. If you would like to have an exploratory conversation to learn more, please contact us.

"Kennari Consulting has been an invaluable partner in helping us navigate through leadership and staff changes, and has provided a strong framework to lead us toward sustainability.  The staff provides a wide array of experience, skills, and expertise, but it is their passion and dedication that makes them so much fun to work with."

Lori Tennenhouse
Executive Director, Girls Choral Academy

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