Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process focuses on defining success and developing a vision for your organization.

Strategic Planning

Creating a living document Many organizations have a strategic plan sitting on a shelf somewhere in their office. For many, it’s a process, and then it’s an archive. However, believe that a strategic plan can instead be one of the most helpful tools for an organization in shaping the programming and fund development of an organization. 

We get that. Our job is to equip your staff and volunteers with the messages, tools and knowledge to succeed. When you leave a strategic planning session you and your board should understand what is driving the decision making for your organization and how you should be defining your organization to funders, constituents, and donors.  

Creating consensus while creating change

Set Direction and Priorities Organizations need direction in order to succeed, and the people who work in and on the organization need to buy into that direction. By bringing diverse voices together through strategic planning, you are able to bring new perspectives to the table and ensure your organization is moving forward with buy-in from the whole team.

Create Unity With direction in place you now need alignment and unity inside your organization. Focus on building leaders who are passionate about leading toward this vision.

Communicate the Message Once you’ve made decisions, it’s time to ensure everyone knows how to communicate that work with their team and their community. A strategic plan is a document, but it lives every day in your organization puts that plan to work and communicates its goals.

A Living Document At Kennari, we work from the model of continuous improvement. This strategic plan should not be taken off the shelf yearly, but goals should be made and actions should be taken to ensure your organization is living up to the direction set and working toward your vision.

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Strategic Planning Leadership

Steve Ozinga | VP of Strategic Planning and Planned Giving

Steve is passionate about strategic planning and expertly facilitates conversations allowing organizations to build consensus around strategic priorities (and supporting goals and activities). Additionally, Steve’s extensive stakeholder research (through interviews, focus groups, and/or surveys) enables organizations to receive accurate feedback that is used as part of the strategic planning sessions.

Kennari Consulting was hired to lead the newly established Ottawa County Parks Foundation Board through a strategic planning process in 2016.  This was a critically important project because the organization was new and needed to determine its core beliefs.   Steve Ozinga of Kennari led the Foundation Board through the process and did an outstanding job.  Board members were fully engaged and excited to contribute.  Most importantly, the resulting product is one that has provided the framework for Foundation’s activities over the past couple of years.  The plan does a wonderful job of identifying the Parks Foundation’s basic mission and includes text with a timeless quality that is used regularly in Foundation documents.  The Parks Foundation was more than satisfied with Steve Ozinga and Kennari’s work on the strategic plan and continues to rely upon them for assistance with strategic decision-making.

John Scholtz
Ottawa County Parks Foundation