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Choosing a consultant

Good stewardship means that you make careful, well-informed choices about the professionals you engage to work with your organization. Here are some things you might want to consider as you talk with prospective fundraising consultants:

Fundraising consultants in many states, including Michigan, are required to be bonded and insured. Make sure your consultant can offer proof that they comply with this requirement.

Kennari Consulting is a licensed fundraising consultant listed under the umbrella name of The Parrish Group, Inc.


Can the consultant demonstrate successful experiences with projects similar to yours? Look not only at the sector(s) of their experience, but the types of projects and project goals.

Kennari has worked with clients in virtually every nonprofit sector. We have successfully completed capital and endowment campaigns from $1 million to $40 million. We have also partnered with clients of all sizes, from new organizations with minimal budgets to large nonprofits with annual budgets greater than $10 million. Please refer to Results for more information, and also to our Focus Areas.


Request three to five Executive Director and board chair references from the consultant. Also request contact information and a brief project description. Call several of these people to assess their level of satisfaction with the services that were provided.

You will see many client testimonials throughout our website, and you can also review Results of many recent projects. We are happy to provide references upon request.

How well is the consultant connected to foundations and major donors in the area? You will need his/her guidance as you decide how and when to apply for grants or major gifts.

Kennari has deep connections to the West Michigan funding community. Funders who know our work routinely refer grant seekers to us, knowing we can help the grantee achieve significant results. We also have professional connections to funders statewide.


Has the consultant worked for a nonprofit or been engaged in other volunteer roles in the past? With hands-on fundraising experience, a consultant is better equipped to meet the challenges of your organization, regardless of the industry.

All of Kennari’s consulting staff have extensive experience working in the nonprofit sector. Check out our Team to see our staff!


A successful fundraising consultant has the potential for significant community impact, and therefore community recognition. Has the consultant you are considering been acknowledged as a community leader, a significant contributor, a mentor, and/or a thought leader? Ask about awards or honors that have been bestowed by the profession or the community.

Kennari Consulting has earned the unqualified respect of the West Michigan community through its service and capabilities.  We have been honored with several awards, which can be viewed here.

It takes some time to assess a consultant’s talents and skills to make sure they fit with your organization. But because we will be spending many months working together, we consider it time well spent. We’d be happy to share more about how we meet these qualifications if you are searching for fund development support — contact us to schedule an appointment.

"Working with Kennari was just what Hospice of Michigan needed to conduct the organization’s first programmatic campaign. Their team walked alongside our staff, board and campaign volunteers throughout each phase of the project lending helpful advice, insight on donors and guidance on next steps with the campaign. The team at Kennari was knowledgeable, practical and consistent with their approach. They are a “roll up your sleeves and dive in kind of team” and it fit perfectly with our group."

Marcie Hillary
Executive Director
Hospice of Michigan

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