The Challenge

LowellArts! had need for a new home for their arts organization, but had no history of significant project fundraising. They wanted to be more visible in the community and needed just the right space in a small town with a vibrant arts community.

Kennari Solution

Through a feasibility study, Kennari Consulting worked with LowellArts! to identify the list of interviewees, develop the case for support, determine the project budget and proforma before conducting conversations with community members and supporters of the organization.

Through the feasibility study process with Kennari Consulting, we were able to develop the Moving to Main capital campaign that fit our community. By responding to the results of the study, we let our stakeholders know we valued their input. The community has responded favorably by supporting our facility purchase and our move to downtown Lowell.

Lorain Smalligan

Executive Director, LowellArts!

Client Result

The study showed that they needed to reduce the cost of the project in order to secure funding, and to do some work on major donor relations. Kennari worked with the organization to address the issues raised by the study before moving forward into the campaign.