Josh Spencer

Vice President

How Kennari values guide my work: I enjoy helping my clients think strategically about how they are serving their mission and develop strategies that are human-centered. I particularly enjoy tackling difficult issues that require collaborative efforts to arrive at a result which can improve a community.

Josh joined Kennari Consulting in 2016. Josh’s team is responsible for developing grant proposals for projects and programs which advance the important missions of our clients. His team also leads development of new project and programs that respond to identified community needs. Josh was drawn to Kennari Consulting because of the high-quality staff and is inspired every day by their passion to work harder for their clients.

Josh graduated from Central Michigan University with a Master of Public Administration degree. He has over twelve years of experience in the public sector and has been writing grants full-time for nonprofit organizations for 6 years. Josh’s interests outside of work include playing with his children, watching sports, and playing golf and guitar. He has only mastered one of these pastimes.